Our expert technicians are trained to repair upgrade and manipulate data and OS configuration settings for Windows Desktops and laptops as well as Macbooks and iMacs

System Maintenance:

This is the type of service that we recommend you get for your computer at least twice a year or even more depending on your internet surfing practices. 

PC Tune Up                                       Windows        &         Mac

Computer Repair/Upgrade:

This is the type of service that you may need once something is broken, but you may also want it if you want to upgrade any of these features on your computer without having to wait until it breaks: 

Operating System Re-Install                        Windows        &         Mac

Hard Drive Replacement                              Windows        &         Mac

Memory Upgrade                                            Windows        &         Mac

Battery Replacement                                     Windows        &         Mac  


This is the most important part of your computer. Data is what makes your computer yours, your pictures, documents, videos contacts and emails, etc., etc. When performing our services we always have the outmost respect for your data. We also offer the following services:  


Data Backup: This is the simplest form of duplicating the data that you have at a point in time and storing it in another storage device for later use. We recommend our customers to back up their data to a cloud or an external hard drive and definitely back it up before performing any system maintenance or upgrade. If for any reason our customers cannot do it, just ask us and we will do it for you.  

Data Recovery: This service is performed when your data is considered lost because for one reason or another your OS will not start. We will hook up your bad hard drive to out special device and software that will scan bite by bite of your hard drive and it will logically rearrange the bites to recreate documents, image, music, and video files in another storage device. This process may take up to 3 days depending on the size of your hard drive.  

Zero Filling Reformat: Usually when a hard drive is formatted the drive label will say: Now I’m Empty so when you turn on the computer it will say: I have no information please fill me in, and new information will go on top of old information. However If we really wanted to look for information with tools like the ones we use in our data recovery service, we will find out that the hard drive has tons of information and in fact, it is not empty. If your are giving up your computer, erasing your confidential data for good may be important to you. That’s why we offer the Zero-Filling Reformat. This formatting service will go through your hard drive and replace each and every bite with a 0. It will take longer. But at the end of this process there will be no personal data left, hidden or otherwise.



We accept all walk Ins and most computer repairs are done in 48 hours or less!


Can’t find the time to get your cell phone repaired? That’s all right because we will come to you! Just call us and make an appointment.


We receive devices from all over the USA to be repaired. Easy to use and secure shopping cart starts the process that keeps our customers up-to date on the status of their purchased repair to assure complete satisfaction with their experience. Most cases, from the time it gets mailed to the time it gets returned is 5-7 business days.


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